Western 6/49 results

07 Sep 2019
Powerball $ 50 Million
Find out the Canada - Western 6/49 winning numbers and a full prize breakdown for Saturday, 07 Sep 2019 .

Prize breakdown

Division Match Prize Odds
1 6 x   No winners 1 in 13,983,816
2 5 x  1 x   No winners 1 in 2,330,638
3 5 x   C$ 500.00 1 in 55,494
4 4 x   C$ 50.00 1 in 1,014
5 3 x   C$ 10.00 1 in 58
6 2 x  1 x   C$ 3.00 1 in 81
7 2 x   C$ 1.00 1 in 8

About Western 6/49

Canada – Western 6/49 is a game that builds legends. For example, the lottery recently crowned a Calgary and Alberta resident with three million dollars each. That said, you, too, can become part of something big.

But it all starts with that first ticket purchase. Luckily, cards retail at one dollar. You only need to find the perfect ticket terminal in Western Canada and select six lucky digits from a set of forty-nine to qualify. Remember, the six numbers, when matched correctly, earn you a two million jackpot prize.

And with high odds of winning, you are sure of taking the big reward home. You can also win a prize when you match five numbers plus the bonus value right. Above all, players with five to two winning integers go home happy. Anyhow, gamers who match two winning values plus a bonus digit get a more significant reward.

That said, you should pick the bonus value to increase your chances of winning. But ensure that you also watch out for the weekly draws. They happen every other Wednesday and Saturday.

You can then claim your prize using the following procedure. First, you must present your signed card for validation. Next, you need to complete the claim form on the back and submit it to the lotter.

Once done, you can wait for the lottery to disburse the funds. However, note that cash amounts above one hundred dollars are only redeemable by mail or accessible when you contact the prize payout office. On the contrary, you can get one hundred dollars or less at the retail stand.

And since the odds of winning a Canada – Western 6/49 prize are high, you should play more. Recall, the more you play, the higher your chances of winning. Last, adhere to all game rules to avoid disqualification.

Previous draws

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Jackpot C$2,000,000
31Aug 2019 (9 PM) Draw no. 70
Jackpot C$2,000,000
28Aug 2019 (9 PM) Draw no. 69
Jackpot C$2,000,000

Powerball $ 50 Million

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