Lotto Max results

06 Sep 2019
Powerball $ 50 Million
Find out the Canada - Lotto Max winning numbers and a full prize breakdown for Friday, 06 Sep 2019 .

Prize breakdown

Division Match Prize Odds
1 7 x   No winners 1 in 33,294,800
2 6 x  1 x   C$ 188,207.50 1 in 4,756,400
3 6 x   C$ 5,377.40 1 in 113,248
4 5 x  1 x   C$ 1,107.10 1 in 37,749
5 5 x   C$ 113.00 1 in 1,841
6 4 x  1 x   C$ 53.50 1 in 1,105
7 4 x   C$ 20.00 1 in 83
8 3 x  1 x   C$ 20.00 1 in 83
9 3 x   C$ 5.00 1 in 8

About Lotto Max

Lotto Max is one of the best lottery games in Canada. The tournament, coordinated by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, only got incepted in 2009. A decade later, the game is bigger and better.

But what makes Lotto Max a fan’s favorite? One is that it is better than its predecessor, Lotto Super 7. More so, playing Lotto Max is easy. All you need for the game is a five-dollar ticket.

Fortunately, cards are available countrywide, and at select retail stores. You only need to find the right shop in your region. Next, you need to pick seven numbers from a cluster of fifty. Even better, you get two additional quick picks for every ticket you buy. In short, a five-dollar card earns you three sets of play.

The stakes of winning the ten million-plus jackpot prize are, therefore, monumental. Jackpot amounts can, however, increase up to fifty million dollars. Additional draws then get added to make the game exciting.

Heck, the lottery even increases the jackpot prize to seventy million dollars. You must, therefore, take part in the MaxMillions Lotto Max system. But that does not make you a loser if you do not.

You can as well win a reward with six correctly matched digits or less. And what does it take to hit the jackpot? First, you need to pick your numbers. Never let the machine do that for you.

Next, you need to mix low tier numbers with high values, including the bonus selection. You can also interchange odd and even numbers to realize a diverse pick. Above all, you need to watch out for the Tuesday and Friday draws and see how you fare.

You should then contact the lotter to have your reward sent over to you in lump-sum form. The approach is the most ideal, given that it does not attract taxes. Last, you can spend your money as you please.

Previous draws

03Sep 2019 (9 PM) Draw no. 52
Jackpot C$12,000,000
30Aug 2019 (9 PM) Draw no. 51
Jackpot C$50,000,000
27Aug 2019 (9 PM) Draw no. 50
Jackpot C$40,000,000

Powerball $ 50 Million

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