Lotto 649 results

07 Sep 2019
Next Jackpot: C$ 7 Million
Find out the Canada - Lotto 649 winning numbers and a full prize breakdown for Saturday, 07 Sep 2019 .

Prize breakdown

Division Match Prize Odds
1 6 x   C$ 5,000,000.00 1 in 13,983,816
2 5 x  1 x   C$ 229,625.20 1 in 2,330,636
3 5 x   C$ 3,189.20 1 in 55,492
4 4 x   C$ 103.80 1 in 1,033
5 3 x   C$ 10.00 1 in 57
6 2 x  1 x   C$ 5.00 1 in 81
7 2 x   C$ 3.00 1 in 8

About Lotto 649

Canada – Lotto 649 is a game with high odds, better payouts, and guaranteed prize draws. Besides, the tournament is easy to play; one reason it is a fan’s favorite. But what must you do for you to qualify for a prize?

First, you need a ticket. Regrettably, game cards do not grow on trees. You must, therefore, find a retail stand near you and purchase the ticket. For the record, tournament cards cost three dollars, and they guarantee you of three sets of play.

You can also take part in the advance play to qualify for twenty-five more draws. But there are two modes of winning. One, you can pick the winning numbers manually. Alternatively, you can use the quick pick approach that allows the machine to draw the numbers for you. Whichever the case, you must ensure you match the figures correctly.

Remember, a ticket can win you up to a million dollars per tournament. And since the lotter draws every Wednesday and Saturday, you have the guarantee of gaining two million dollars every other week. Also, there is a one million dollar guaranteed prize draw that is only attainable when you choose a ten-digit set of numbers.

Victory, however, comes at a price. That said, you should play the game and not the other way around. In short, you must mix the highs and lows along the entire number field.

Additionally, you should combine two out of four, or four out of two, or three out of three, odd and even numbers, respectively, to increase your chances of winning. Last, you must play a balanced game. But how do you achieve equilibrium.

It’s simple. You only need to add up the six numbers in each set and get the total value. For the record, figures between one hundred and fifteen and a hundred and eighty-five earn you a fortune. Above all, claim your prize fast.

Previous draws

04Sep 2019 (10 PM) Draw no. 71
Jackpot C$5,000,000
31Aug 2019 (10 PM) Draw no. 70
Jackpot C$9,000,000
28Aug 2019 (10 PM) Draw no. 69
Jackpot C$7,000,000

Powerball $ 50 Million

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