Lottario results

07 Sep 2019
Powerball $ 50 Million
Find out the Ontario - Lottario winning numbers and a full prize breakdown for Saturday, 07 Sep 2019 .

Prize breakdown

Division Match Prize Odds
1 6 x   No winners 1 in 4,072,530
2 5 x  1 x   C$ 10,000.00 1 in 678,755
3 5 x   C$ 500.00 1 in 17,862
4 4 x   C$ 10.00 1 in 366
5 3 x   C$ 4.00 1 in 23

About Lottario

Canada is a land famous for its exciting lottery games. Lottario, for instance, is a tournament with a lot of rich history. One, it got invented in 1978. Two, Lottario has undergone a lot of transformations over the years.

So what makes the game special? For the record, Lottario features one of the best odds in gambling history. In actuality, you have a one in eight millionth chance of winning the jackpot. But success does not come cheap and easy.

You must get a ticket from the local retailer and pick six winning numbers from a cluster of forty-five. And there is more. You also need a bonus number to increase your odds of winning the big prize.

All players use the above approach. But what sets you apart from the crowd is the strategy you use to choose your numbers. And as experts reveal, the best method to use is to mix two odd numbers with four even digits.

Alternatively, you can combine four odd numbers with two even numbers. Last, you need to mix three different numbers with three even digits. Any of the techniques listed above will work.

More so, you should study past winning numbers and choose recurrent number groups. Above all, pick the numbers manually. As history shows, Quick Picks have messed people up since lotteries became operational.

Next, you should watch out for the weekly draws. Lottario draws happen every other Saturday night. And keeping a watchful eye on the same ensures you claim your reward on time.

In a nutshell, Lottario is a game made for winners. It gives you more than an opportunity to win and win big. You must, therefore, play more for you to increase your chances of winning. Above all, strategize before picking any numbers. After all, the pros plan before they play!

Previous draws

31Aug 2019 (9 PM) Draw no. 35
Jackpot C$250,000
24Aug 2019 (9 PM) Draw no. 34
Jackpot C$430,000
17Aug 2019 (9 PM) Draw no. 33
Jackpot C$250,000

Powerball $ 50 Million

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