BC 49 results

07 Sep 2019
Powerball $ 50 Million
Find out the Canada - BC 49 winning numbers and a full prize breakdown for Saturday, 07 Sep 2019 .

Prize breakdown

Division Match Prize Odds
1 6 x   No winners 1 in 13,983,816
2 5 x  1 x   No winners 1 in 2,330,636
3 5 x   C$ 750.00 1 in 55,492
4 4 x   C$ 75.00 1 in 1,033
5 3 x   C$ 10.00 1 in 57
6 2 x  1 x   C$ 5.00 1 in 81

About BC 49

British Colombia is a province located in the West of Canada. Besides, BC is famous for its magnificent tourism sites and terrain. But nothing distinguishes British Colombia from the rest of the world like the BC 49 lottery.

The game that launched in 1992 has rewarded dozens of players with significant cash prizes. In actuality, Geoffrey won two million dollars in 2018 after matching all the six figures correctly. And with a high odd of one out of fourteen million, you too can become a winner.

But you first need to qualify for the game. You must then buy a ticket for one dollar and pick any six numbers you like. You can then watch out for the weekly draws to see if your bet was successful. Draws happen every other Wednesday and Saturday night.

For the record, six successful picks earn you the full jackpot prize. The reward is, however, sharable if there are more winners per tournament. On the other side, gamers with five to one correctly matched figures also get rewarded.

For instance, four lucky digits earn you a seventy-five dollar cash prize while one ball earns you a ticket. In short, there is something for everyone. So, how do you ensure that you win and win big?

First, you must mix two out of four, or four out of two, or three out of three odd and even numbers, respectively, to boost your chances of cashing out big. Also, you can mix the highs and lows. But ensure you follow the pattern listed above.

Above all, play more. Recall, the more you take part in the Canada – BC 49, the better your chances of winning. Finally, claim your earnings on time. You can approach the local retailer for small cash withdrawals. Significant cash rewards are, however, given by the lotter. Gaining such information, therefore, puts you at an advantage.

Previous draws

04Sep 2019 (6 PM) Draw no. 71
Jackpot C$2,000,000
31Aug 2019 (6 PM) Draw no. 70
Jackpot C$2,000,000
28Aug 2019 (6 PM) Draw no. 69
Jackpot C$2,000,000

Powerball $ 50 Million

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